JOSH SCHAUB is a swiss graphic and motion designer. He also teaches design, animation and computer science, gives lectures, creates exhibitions, co-organizes an annual festival, codes stuff and loves the learn new things.
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Whether you're looking for animated characters, captivating poster campaigns in motion, or thrilling text animations, I'm the specialist you need for your motion design project. From conceptualization to sketching, from design to seamless animation integration, I excel at every step of the process. Whether bringing an idea to life or animating an existing design, count on me to deliver exceptional results.
Sticker sets for messengers are all about quick and clear emotional expression, and when it comes to enhancing the impact of icons and pictograms, motion is key.
Especially posters, which compete for attention, can enhance their impact with motion. However, they still need to get their message across succinctly and be accessible at all times.
Not only can color and form be identity-defining features, but motion can also unite different adaptations of a design and hold them together as a cohesive campaign.
Illustrations are stories that illustrate text. When combined with motion, statements become more precise, emotional, and can show different facets of the story in alternating ways.
Especially when it comes to infusing life into a character, having them mimic a specific sequence, or letting them run, swim, or weep, motion can be entirely intuitive.
Text alone is already a time-based medium that follows a clear sequence. Motion simply enhances what is already there, and does so in an engaging and interesting way.
Incorporating motion into design is a great help in depicting data, processes, or changes, as individual images no longer have to simulate a sequence. This makes it easier and more intuitive to convey complex information.
To convey complex information in sequence, sometimes the perfect combination of design, motion, and sound is needed, condensed into short, dense, and concise video clips.

Other projects
»Too many things I'm interested in.« That's why Josh Schaub not only designs and animates, but also shares his enthusiasm and knowledge in lectures and workshops EDUCATION. He researches, creates and curates exciting and educational motion design exhibitions EXHIBITION. Furthermore Josh tinkers and programs creative solutions to make work and life better and easyer LAB.

Throughout time, four additional projects and engagements have emerged where Josh is involved:

The Moving Posters
3 Exhibitions
1 Online Archive
1 Instagram canal
As a source of inspiration, particularly for moving posters, Josh began collecting works by other designers. This led to the creation of the first exhibition on moving posters for the Weltformat festival in 2016, showcasing a wide range of possibilities and creative expressions. The exhibition struck a chord with audiences and was subsequently showcased at numerous international festivals. Over the next two years, two more exhibitions followed, along with the launch of an online archive to make the collection accessible beyond the physical exhibitions. In 2019, an Instagram channel was added, allowing interested individuals to stay updated with the latest additions, and since 2023, the online archive has been redesigned and is once again accessible online, as a source of inspiration for everyone. @themovingposers
For the past 15 years, the graphic design festival 'Weltformat' has been one of the most important events in the Swiss graphic design scene. Every year, design enthusiasts flock to Luzern to participate in workshops, be captivated by exhibitions, and be inspired by lectures. Weltformat has now gained an international reputation, thanks to the int. Newcomer Award, international guest, as well as traveling exhibitions in Russia, France, Netherlands, South Korea, Egypt and China that originated from Weltformat in Luzern. Josh Schaub joined the festival as a volunteer in 2012 during his studies in Luzern. In 2014, he curated his first exhibition, and since 2018, he has been a board member, co-organizer and part of the artistic direction alongside Erich Brechbühl and formerly with Stephanie Cuérel and Raphael Schoen.

65 Kids
Growing up in a household of computer scientists, Josh never actually intended to pursue a career in computer science himself, which is why he chose the path of design. However, his fascination with programming and tinkering could never be completely concealed. In 2018, he then organized the KidsCodeCamp for the first time, together with Zoe Arnold and Rolf Schaub. It was a week-long event in the mountains, held in a old Hotel where everything revolved around robots, algorithms, and coding, involving 65 kids aged 8 to 12. To facilitate this, Josh Schaub spent a year developing the Speedybot. A wooden robot kit, consisting of motors, sensors, and the KidsCodeCamp circuit board. With this kit, the enthusiastic children were able to playfully build and program their own robots. The camp took place for three consecutive years but, unfortunately, fell victim to the COVID-19 pandemic and has since been awaiting a comeback amidst all the other projects.
ICT Scouts/Campus
computer science
Lego robots
This project aims to identify and train Youth between the ages of 13 and 16 who show potential in the field of computer science. The project's goal is to ensure a sustainable and long-term supply of skilled personnel for the industry. Since the project's started 2015, Josh has been an integral part of the core team. Josh has contributed significantly to the project by developing the Scouting Workshop and numerous other tools and educational materials. These resources are designed to introduce young talents to the concepts of algorithms in a playful manner. The focus is on understanding the concept of programming, as well as recognizing and translating creative and structural processes into sequences of instructions. Josh has also conducted numerous workshops at schools and provided coaching to young individuals at the ICT Campus for five years. For example, coaching the kids for the "Lego World robot Olympics." His role involves guiding and mentoring the youths, helping them enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of ICT.
Winner Audience Award, Academy Shorts Fribourg 🤩 Winner HighRiskAward, Fantoche Int. Animation Film Festival Baden 🤩 Nomination German Newcomer Film Awards, Hannover 🤩 Winner secound place, Upcomming Filmmakers Film Festival, Luzern 🤩 Nomination Swiss Newcomer Film Award, Zürich 🤩 Nomination Int. Film Festival Geneva 🤩 Nomination Youki, Int. Youth media Festival Austria 🤩 Winner first place, Ultra short filmawards, Luzern 🤩 Winner Gold, APG Poster Award 🤩 Winner Silver, Swiss out of home Award 🤩 7 times Winner 100 best posters Germany, Austria, Switzerland
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Swiss graphic and motion designer,
teacher, speaker, festival organizer, coder and robotbuilder,
based at Idaplatz in Zürich.

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